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The wedding season has been in full swing since mid-May 2023!

May 20, 2023 was the first wedding of the season at Château de Poudenas. This year you are 19 couples to trust us for the organization of your wedding in Poudenas and we are in the starting blocks for this new season. We are committed to supporting you to make this day a memorable moment in a unique place. The whole Château team has been preparing for the start of this new 2023 wedding season for several months. Indeed, during the low season, in winter we are working to prepare for the next season and to welcome you always better.

Mariage dans la cour du chateau de poudenas, lot et garonne
Julie & Vincent Wedding - May 27, 2023

New for 2023: - Option guinguette for the bride and groom (photo above)! We offer a structure and light garlands for the bride and groom who want a festive and bright guinguette atmosphere in the courtyard of the castle for an exceptional dinner. To cover 250 to 800 m2 of surface in the yard, 8 bamboo poles 3.5 m high, more than 350 LED bulbs, and 280 m of garlands will be used to light up the yard. - Exterior signage. We have reworked the signs in the park to offer you a better signposted route inside the park. This will allow you (your guests as well) to better identify the different gites, the reception rooms... - A cold room in the catering room. We have installed a cold room in the catering room to prevent the refrigerated trucks of your caterers and service providers from remaining in the courtyard during your reception. It has already proven itself for first weddings and already makes life easier for caterers. - All to the compost! We have installed 2 new composters for your organic waste when you stay in our gites. Did you know ? In the anti-waste law, composting will become mandatory from December 31, 2023. Composting will become mandatory. While this practice is developing more and more in French households, the sorting of organic waste will continue to grow. In Poudenas, we reuse the compost produced for gardening and in particular for our vegetable garden, it is a material full of richness to guarantee a better development of the vegetables of the vegetable garden. From 50 to 500 people, contact us for the organization of your wedding next year! We will see with you the best configuration to consider to meet your needs, indoors or outdoors. We also have 40 beds on site to be able to accommodate your family and close friends within the castle walls. As a reminder, we are located 1h30 from Bordeaux and Toulouse by car and 45 minutes from Agen. #wedding #chateaudepoudenas #married2023 #married2024 #wedding #weddingplanner #lotetgaronne #weddinggers #southouestwedding #gascogne #landes #reception #lieudereception #salledereception #yourwedding #events #catering #compost #permaculture #ecoresponsable

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