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Discover “Regalez-nous”: a culinary journey to the Castle of Poudenas with the duo Arthur and Vince

If you are a fan of gastronomy and television entertainment, then the show “Regalez-nous” (Delight us) is for you! This series of four episodes broadcast on TMC from Friday September 22 and in replay on My TF1, invites viewers on a unique culinary journey, highlighting Vincent Bernard-Comparat and Arthur Edange, the two founders of Gueuleton who travel across France in search of of the best local flavors. Back to basics for Vincent and Arthur who wanted to shoot the first episode of “Regalez-nous” in their region of heart. This is how they chose the magnificent Poudenas Castle, located in Lot-et-Garonne.

Vincent et Arthur au Chateau de Poudenas
Vincent Bernard-Comparat et Arthur Edgane. © JP BALTEL/TF1

Régalez-nous (Delight us), a culinary journey

The goal of the show? Vincent and Arthur have 48 hours to prepare a banquet with local producers from the region that they have met as well as a special guest. For this first episode, the show welcomed a distinguished guest, the French actor and comedian François-Xavier Demaison. How was this idea born? It was the TF1 group that contacted Arthur and Vincent to offer the concept. After having conquered social networks with their video, it is the big screen that they will now seek to seduce.

Vincent, Arthur et François-Xavier en pleine dégustation
Arthur Edange, Vincent Bernard-Comparat and François-Xavier Demaison. © JP BALTEL/TF1

Poudenas Castle: an idyllic setting

Nestled in the heart of the French countryside, Poudenas Castle is a true architectural gem. With its rich history and timeless beauty, it provides an ideal setting for a show that celebrates French cuisine. The “Regalez-nous” team was able to exploit all the wealth of the Castle park for the shooting of this first episode. But the Poudenas Castle is not limited to being a filming location. It is also the ideal location for unforgettable private receptions and business seminars.

Château de Poudenas
Poudenas Castle © JP BALTEL/TF1

A blend of cuisine, culture and celebration

Vincent Bernard-Comparat and Arthur Edange explored the region to discover local products and traditional recipes. In this episode, they delved into the world of local cuisine from Lot-et-Garonne, highlighting ingredients such as foie gras, duck breasts, and of course, wine and Armagnac from the region. The actor joined Vincent and Arthur to help prepare a memorable meal. His passion for cooking and his sense of humor added a touch of emotion and conviviality to the show. “Delight us” is not limited to cooking. It is an invitation to discover the cultural and culinary richness of France, while sharing warm moments with inspiring personalities. The show also encourages viewers to try new recipes at home, explore their own terroir and celebrate the simple pleasures of the table.


This show reflects the success of Vincent and Arthur with their company Gueuleton. Today the Gueuleton brand includes 19 restaurants and 16 caterers specializing in flame cooking. They developed the concept of “bon vivants” by traveling across France to meet local producers and highlighting local products.

So, if you are looking for a show that combines gastronomy, travel and entertainment, don't miss "Regalez-nous" on Friday, September 22 at 9:25 p.m. on TMC. The episode at Château de Poudenas with François-Xavier Demaison is a perfect example of the magic that happens when cuisine and culture come together.

Whether for a private event, a family getaway or a corporate reception, Poudenas Castle and its 4 guest houses are ready to welcome you in an exceptional setting. Book now and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Production : Groupe TF1, TMC

Photographer : JP BALTEL/TF1

Arthur Edange et Vincent Bernard-Comparat

Guest : François Xavier Demaison

Location : Poudenas Castle

Decoration : Cocotte et Coquette

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