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A Renault training seminar!

Have you heard about the new Renault Espace e-Tech full hybrid?

On June 27 and 28, 2023, we welcomed the Renault teams for a training seminar lasting two intense days around this new model from the diamond brand.

Back in video on these two days!

40 cars were present in the castle grounds to allow the region's sales teams to test this new model which is just beginning its marketing phase. You have certainly seen the advertising communication campaign which began in July 2023.

Renault Espace vehicule on the castle esplanade
Renault Espace on the esplanade

What exactly did this Renault training seminar consist of?

During the two days of training, more than 200 salespeople came to learn the sales techniques of this new revisited model of the classic Renault Espace!

The program was rhythmic: welcome coffee from 8 a.m. on the terraces before a plenary session in the large vaulted room of the Stables around 9 a.m. then group sessions of 25 people in our 5 sub-committee rooms provided for this purpose. These group sessions allowed salespeople to familiarize themselves with the new vehicle.

A shaded lunch in the large courtyard before leaving for practical workshops in the afternoon, driving the cars in the park on a predefined circuit and debriefing with the trainer following!

The secret to the success of a training seminar?

When several key elements come together, success is assured! Here is an example :

  • A place that suits your needs

The Château de Poudenas lends itself perfectly to this type of training seminar because the 15-hectare park can accommodate numerous vehicles and organize different driving courses for full-scale practice in real conditions.

In addition, numerous modular reception rooms are available to customers so that they can arrange the spaces and distribute the participants evenly to the rhythm of the different times of the day: breakfast, full room, small group room, lunch indoors or outdoors.

The plus: around twenty rooms available within the Château to accommodate the organizing teams (Renault and Novabox) on site to guarantee greater comfort and fluidity in the running of this event.

  • Preparation and organization for sure..

Although the training does not begin until Tuesday morning, the training teams and car preparers were present the day before to begin installation!

Training and organization teams close to the site: 21 people who slept on site with breakfasts, lunches and dinners organized with our partner caterer.

  • A quality caterer

Lunch in the court yard of Poudenas Castle
Lunch in the courtyard of Poudenas Castle

"Les Inspirés", Caterer in Agen provided breakfast and lunch services for both days for employees: participants, trainers and organizers. With careful organization, they provided high-quality service and customers were very satisfied with their tailor-made catering offer.

  • An events/training agency

"Novabox: Event. Differently"

Their mission is to connect the right people, the right talents, to create unforgettable encounters and moments.

“What defines us is our commitment, our creativity, our simplicity. Our desire to move forward hand in hand with our customers, because we like proximity, real proximity. The one that makes the difference.”

According to them, “a great meeting is already an event.”

The Novabox agency supported the Renault group for the entire design of the seminar. They have a lasting partnership because the Novabox trainers are already well versed in the sales and driving techniques practiced at Renault.

It is a historic partner which provides them with the right level of advice and support to guarantee the success of this type of event.

Over the years, renewed trust.

4 years ago, Renault had already trusted us to organize a similar seminar so that employees could test the Renault Alaskan pick-up model released in 2017. For this event we used another part of the fleet in which we had created for the occasion an adapted off-road circuit with some difficulties for the drivers. To set up this route, some construction equipment had come the previous week to shape the identified areas and the terrain by adapting it to this type of vehicle.

Are you looking for a place to organize an event?

From 15 to more than 500 people, contact us to organize a seminar, a private event or a wedding! We will see with you the best configuration to consider to meet your needs, indoors or outdoors. We also have 21 rooms on site to accommodate 21 people in a single room or around 30 in a double/twin room within the castle grounds.

As a reminder, we are located 1h30 from Bordeaux and Toulouse by car and 45 minutes from Agen.

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