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A colourful recital at the Castle

As part of Châteaux en Fêtes, which began on 16 April and ends on 1 May 2022, many participants enjoyed a magnificent recital last Friday by two artists from Agen (France): Gabriel Sarrou Vergnac and Cynthia Bak in the Mélusine Lounge of the Château de Poudenas.

A family history, a land of good people, a desire to transmit emotions, an open place to welcome everyone... This is what Poudenas and its castle stands for, and it wishes to open its doors to all types of events (#weddings, #companyseminars, #seasonalrentals but not only, with this musical recital) in a region full of surprises and local gastronomy.

Radio Bulle from Agen, France, honoured us with a live recording of their radio programme and a live recital for their listeners. It was a good moment of sharing for everyone with at the end of this performance, a tapas evening for all the guests.

Radio Bulle broadcast recorded in the Guards' Room of the Castle

To listen to this exchange and understand the history of the Château de Poudenas click on this link. As well as Gabriel and Cynthia's recital.

Below, you will find few videos of this concert.


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