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Where do you start to organize your wedding? What if we help you ...

Do you have a wedding in sight but the art of preparation is not your forte?

Don't panic, we'll help you put things right until D-Day!

1. The list of (happy) guests

You must list the number of people you want to surround you on this feast day in order to then look at a dream place.

> Our advice: Take the time to talk about it with your future spouse to agree on the people around you.

2. A magical place, for an unforgettable memory

List of guests established, it is necessary to be able to welcome them in a magical place that will remain etched in your memory and recognized for its experience. Well done, almost the hardest part is behind you!

> Our advice: Sites like allow you to search by criteria by entering the number of guests, the region (look towards Gascony, the sun and the beauty of the landscapes are by appointment) and the budget at not to exceed. Word of mouth works well too !!

3. Objective dress for Madame! Costumes for Mister!

Choose what you will have to dress. Because we do not necessarily wear the same thing for a wedding with the feet in the water or a ceremony with great pomp in a cathedral!

> Our advice: Designer or specialized brand, the deadlines can be long: allow more than 5 months for the realization of your dress.

4. Posing, celebrating, dancing

Remember to book your team of shock providers. The photographer, the food caterer and the DJ are the ones that you must reserve as a priority, the best are taken a long time in advance, especially in these post-covid times where #weddings are rescheduled for the following years. Château de Poudenas can help you with a list of quality service providers.

5. The art of announcements

Traditionally, invitations are sent between three and four months before D-Day. However, if you are getting married between June and September, you must notify your guests more than six months in advance to make sure you are getting married. their presence around you!

> Our advice: don't wait any longer to create a #SaveTheDate to send to all your guests !!

The other steps in a future article…. Thanks for your sharing !!

Do you want to talk about it? The #TeamPoudenas is here to advise you, contact us.

We would be delighted to hear you share your feelings, your #testimony below and obviously welcome you to live an exceptional moment in #Poudenas.

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