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A place of reception for your weddings and events maintained on a daily basis!

To welcome you in an ever more beautiful setting, the Château de Poudenas team devotes some time to maintaining the exterior spaces of the château. Many of you want to organize your event, reception, wedding outside in the park when the weather permits. This is how the outdoor spaces are the subject of meticulous maintenance on a daily basis. But that does not prevent the climatic conditions from sometimes putting a spoke in our wheels. This is how on Saturday 2023 April 15, a magnificent Planera (or Zelkovar) more than 35 meters high and more than 150 years old lay down. Recent strong gusts of wind may have caused its loss. It was the bride and groom who came to revisit the castle with a view to refining the preparations for their wedding (arrangement of the reception rooms for the wedding day, dinner, brunch, organization of the ceremony, revisit of the housing facilities etc.) to come who discovered the tree right in the middle of the road in the park on Saturday. As of this morning, with the help of some inhabitants of the village, we had to cut the tree with different machines: mechanical shovel, chainsaw... 🚧 to clear the way. Here are some photos to illustrate this.

Fortunately, we continue to plant 🌱 new trees regularly in the park to compensate for this type of inevitable event... This is why for us it is essential to think about making a planting plan when you have a large park to preserve the better the existing ecosystem and make it last. It is therefore important to plant different species of trees to ensure the proper development of the surrounding fauna and flora. It is not always easy because many criteria must be taken into account before deciding where to plant a particular tree: - The future development of the tree in the years to come, - The direction of the wind, - Sunshine, - The type of soil, - The natural irrigation from which it will be able to benefit… Did you know ? The planera or Zelkova Carpinfolia is also called Caucasian Elm or Siberian False Elm. Its leaves are similar to those of the Hornbeams, they are alternate, serrated, pointed and smaller than that of the classic Elm. The Poudenas planera that fell had a magnificent crown. The crown, or crown, is the part of a tree made up of a structured set of branches located at the top of the trunk. Are you looking for a place to organize your wedding, a private event, a team seminar? Contact us to study together the realization of your project at the Château de Poudenas! We will see with you according to the desired configuration, the number of guests, the date how to best welcome you in the reception rooms or the park of the castle. . . . #chateaudepoudenas #poudenas #chateauenfrance #transmission #heritage #treecentenary #trees #landscaping #park #landscape #vmf #replant #reforestation #plantation #gascogne #southwest #landes #gers #forest #planera #locationmariage #mariage #lieudereception Château Mariage Lot et Garonne (47) Château de Poudenas: an ideal place for your events, weddings, seminars and gite rentals in Lot et Garonne (47) and in the South-West of France.

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